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Relic-tile Dysfunction 'RD' Treatment Approved

Having problems getting up enough to break-in your Strat right?

Not comfortable letting someone else "do" your guitar?

No matter what you do, does it just keep on looking new?

These could be symptoms of Relic-tile Dysfunction- "R.D.".

Fortunately, now there's * VIAGRIT !

VIAGRIT'S **patented formulation combines the industry's worst guitar polish products with a small amount of paint stripper in a 3:1 ratio with real, honest to goodness GRANITE CHIPS!

That's the magic in VIAGRIT!

Soon your axe will be looking a ho lot more fooled around with, not to mention the respect you'll gain. So don't let R.D. prevent your Strat from knowing who its Daddy is. VIAGRIT is the leading solution for Relic-tile Dysfunction.

Ask your luthier today if VIAGRIT is right for you and your instrument!

* Certain musicians should not use VIAGRIT. Common side effects may include: regret, loss of judgement, embarassment, shame, itching, watery eyes, delaminations, rash, cuticle breakdown, offensive chemical odor, dry mouth, upset spouse, loss of friends, children and/or pets run away, mother-in-law moves IN, warranty void, toxic overexposure, extreme depreciation, ruined clothing, ugly guitar, ugly guitar, ugly guitar, ugly guitar, ugly guitar...

** FDA- Fools on Drugs Administration- approved.

Find out about VIAGRIT today, and make R.D. a thing of the past!
_____________________________________Eligh Willy

Stratoblogster Labs

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