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Pearly Gates Open Up, Have You the Dinero's

Not often is there a reason to feature Les Paul guitar oriented subject matter here. Anyone easily offended should close their browser now. However, I'm a huge Billy G. fan, and the occasion of a Pearly Gates limited reissue '59 LP series is a long time coming landmark event in our guitar culture, deserving recognition.

Kudos to Gibson for not shotgunning the marketplace with artist models and aged model variations, and taking a more conservative approach to doing the real special stuff when the time is right. Kudos to Billy for whatever he's had to confront in this project. Control!

All the details are at the Gibson Lifestyle blog, but basically if I understand this correctly only 350 are being produced. This number breaks down into some with Billy's signature which replicate the exact condition of his actual '59 Pearly, some with some aging and some without. But you should go read the details yourself. Prices range from $11K to $25K with a point in between at $15K. What's your 401K worth? "Just let me know, if you wanna go...".

Economic woes withstanding, I predict these to sell out FAST, with hopefully even a few American buyers. Not too much later we can also expect a few eBay flippers.

Is there a Hard Rock Cafe in Dubai?

Pearly available NOW at: GUITARCENTER.COM

On tour now!

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