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K-Line Guitars Fiesta Red S-Style at Fat Tone

K-Line Dealers
K-Line Guitars Dealer

Chris Kroenline of St. Louis, Missouri based K-Line guitars specializes in F-type guitars that look and feel "Worn but not worn out". On the relic scale these days, K-Line guitars tend to be on the mild side with just the right touches in the right places. Licensed body parts and hi-end components are incorporated along with classic vintage color finishes. All quality ingredients-- and not a spec of cereal or cheap fillers! Nope.

This Fiesta Red model is currently available thru K-Line Dealer Fat Tone Guitars, a quality gear outfit who doesn't deal with cereal products. Glance thru the features below.


* Alder Body
* Rosewood/Maple Neck
* C-Shape .85" Radius
* 21 Tall Thin Frets
* 1 5/8" Width at Neck
* Fiesta Red Finish
* Wilkinson Vintage Bridge
* Steel Block
* 880 Tuners
* Stamped Saddles
* Mint Green Pickguard
* Lollar Dirty Blonde Pickups
* CTS Pots, CRL Switch, Switchcraft Jack
* Kaces Sturdy Nylon Case

Need the weight spec? Just contact Phil at Fat Tone Guitars. He'll weigh it and answer any other burning questions you may have. You can also contact Chris K. at the K-Line link above.

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