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John Mayer Tribute Black Relic DIY Strat


John Mayer Stratocaster

That's right. This isn't a factory John Mayer gone bad, nor is it necessarily a bad factory Strat gone John Mayer, although it could be. But before ya'll start bustin' my balls about, "Mayer is just a pop star pussy boy...", go check out the listing details and the seller info.

I happen to dig the black relic thing because it reminds me of a brisket after 18 hours in the smoke barrel. And it's not like there's a big "JCM" on the pickguard. Nobody's gonna know it's a pop pussy tribute Strat. Myself, I'd call this guitar "Betty Brisket" or maybe "Moppin' & Soppin'".

Oh, the "C" stands for Clayton. Mayer's middle name is Clayton. I looked it up ok! Those of you who thought it might be "RAY", need to get a life and move on with it. It's Clayton.


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