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Groovy Guitar Straps - Hippie, Leather, Hemp, etc!

Hemp Straps, Hippie, Heavy Leather & Beaded Designs 

Tired of looking at guitar straps with spikes, studs, ghouls, lightening bolts, flames and razor blades?

guitar straps are currently produced by outfits i.e. Dunlop, Levy's, Gaucho & Rock Art. Besides the buzz of natural hemp and classic patterns, the Dunlop's bring us up to date with Strap Lock interfacing.

Souldier specializes in the classic 60's woven strap designs of Bobby Lee & Ace, worn by everyone from Keith Richards to Neil Young to Jimmy Page to Hendrix. They claim to have original patterns associated with legendary guitar players during specific tours and/or performances. You'll have to do your homework to verify that, but they do have the vibe.

Heavy Leather NYC - Lastly, if classic hand tooled leather is more your thing, check out Rachael Becker's Heavy Leather NYC line of straps.

Beaded Native American/ Southwestern straps are gaining popularity too.

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