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G&L Legacy "Rustic" Blonde- Strat for Friday #134

G&L Rustic Guitar Models
"Rustic" is G&L's term for aged, distressed and the ever popular, Fender registered "RELIC". This Rustic Blonde Legacy features some light ciggy burnage at the headstock, strap wear at upper bout, finish checking overall and dull aged metal hardware. As this sort of stuff goes, G&L's offering stays on the conservative side with their Rustic touches, which is probably more realistic... in a rustic way anyway. Just enough for comfort without becoming a rodeo fatality-- "We tied this guitar to our hi-grit coated mechanical bull for 36 hours! Yee Haw!!!".

Y'know, "rustic" is term cooks like to use when they don't wanna follow all those French rules for preparing everything so perfect and refined. I'm all for that! Toss me a pork chop & let's keep it rustic!

Specs and MUCH better photos are available at Guitar Adoptions via the "Electric Guitars" >> "G&L Guitars" menu links where you can peruse a sizable & tasty G&L selection. Guitar Adoptions is also a dealer for Michael Tuttle custom guitars, Finland's Flaxwood line and other hi-end gear lines.

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