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Erja Lyytinen - Slide Guitar Chick from Finland

Watch this gal slide! We've featured veteran Strat-o-Sister Erja Lyytinen previously, so click on her name for Erja's web links and more video. A big deal on the Euro Blues circuit, the Italians are calling her the "Bonnie Raitt of Finland". Erja loves G&L semi-hollow T shapes, sometimes playing a red one with P90's (Bluesboy model). The blue one in this video is sportin' the triple Z-Coil config. normally associated with the Comanche S-type model.

This girl must be a petite size considering how big both the guitar and bottleneck slide appear. But she takes no petite approach to rippin' through some Blues! Damn!

CLICK HERE for another MUST SEE Erja jam!

If the girl don't give ya chills-- Jack, you dead!


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