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Art Guitars & Amps by Phil Sylvester

(photo by Phil Sylvester)

The "Fracturecaster" above is a fully functioning Strat "mod" by Phil Sylvester of Portland, OR.

I've featured this before. In fact, we've adopted it into the Strat-O-Blogster theme in the header of this blog. Phil Sylvester, fine artist, art teacher, guitarist and Berklee grad, actually created the Fracturecaster while experimenting with body wood resonance characteristics. He claims to prefer the tone of what resulted above. That's why I referred to it as a mod-- as well as an art piece.

In this respect, I think Fracturecaster is an appropriate symbol for Strat tone geeks and tweakers everywhere, hence a symbol here too.

Sylvester's more recent endeavors can be seen at his website: PheoGuitars.com where guitars are presented more in a fine arts gallery fashion and setting. As odd as they may appear, to me they also give off an unexplainably natural vibe. Before you traditionalists out there shut down, first ask yourselves, "Would Billy Gibbons be seen with a Phil Sylvester guitar?"

I think you know the answer to that question!

And Phil's a total tube freak too. Just wait'll ya see the 50's hair dryer amp! Also, the site's "News" menu link features a video that you absolutely must watch, produced by the local PBS television affiliate. Finally & ironically, the Fracturecaster is strangely absent from the website, even though Sylvester refers to it as his most well known work. I suppose that's why I'm here-- to keep it alive...

Just like the infamous Voodoo Donut, the guitar art of Phil Sylvester represents the art-quirky side of Portland culture.

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