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Tom Anderson Classic Lavender w/Kahler

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Been gettin' bored around here lately, so here's something different.

Yes, a lavender Tom Anderson! Some cat in Fort Worth is selling this because his attorney wife is ordering him to. I dunno... the listing write-up is pretty wild stuff, but the right details & COA from Anderson are all there too. This was a custom order. The finish is thin nitro, Kahler is sunken and the pickups & electronics are pretty cool too-- from the factory (Switcheroo!).

Meet the parents:

cisco_kid_99 (119)
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Item # 230349288628

Time left: 4 days 23 hours (Jun 21, 200902:12:42 PM PDT)

item location: Fort Worth, TX, United States
Ships to: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany
Payments: PayPal

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