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Funny and strange guitar listings at eBay

Yellow StratocasterHere's a series about Strats people are listing that just don't seem quite right. Either it's something said in the description that makes you wanna read between the lines, or it's a mod that you wonder about-- "Why would they do that?"

But this isn't a freak show folks. Guitarz blog features the more blatant oddities. Like if you've ever been to a 24 hour supermarket at 2:38 AM, only to discover that besides yourself, the only other person in the produce section is a woman with no face. Literally, no face-- it's missing. We're not going there ok.

This series is more like the middle aged divorced person meeting other people their age. You just know there are issues. It's something that they said or a personality quirk that sends your mind into overtime. These are the Strat stories we'll be featuring here in our continuing series. They will be actual listings; actual case histories folks, so be very very careful in the dangerous kitchen, and do not blame Stratoblogster if you are smitten and later burned.

"The earth is bi-polar." Steven Wright


Strats With Issues #1 - '72 With Bill Lawrence's
#2 - Natural Ash, Too Amazing to Play
#3 - Honolulu Baby!
#4 - MIK Custom Set Neck Strat - "A perfect guitar..."
#5 - EJ Neck Grain Fetish Quickie...
#6 - Trading "LUST" for EMG's
#7 - Masterbuilt Green Endless Pinstripes
#8 - Purple Sparkle Hendrix Voodoo Strat -"Defiantly Starkle"
#9 - 1983 Fender Strat Elite, the CBS Frankenstrat

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