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Strats With Issues #2 - Natural Ash ,Too AMAZING to Play

eBay Seller: robszat
Item # 180372743474

Nice lookin' ash body. That's a Duncan rails in the bridge position. Might be a great find. Not too crazy, but the following from the seller's description got me going a bit:

"...it sounds and plays amazing... I have owned this guitar for about 8 years and the only reason I'm selling it is in the last three years I've only played it about ten times..."

I dunno about you but if I had something that sounds and plays AMAZING it would be very difficult to restrain myself from picking it up more than 10 times in 3 years. And to imagine owning it 8 years and STILL considering it sounds and plays amazing. Maybe this guitar is simply so amazing that it makes the owner feel guilty and unworthy for touching it. Maybe he has it in a display case on the wall and watches it in the evenings instead of television. Maybe his wife or girlfriend doesn't allow him to play it. He could be in therapy and advised to just let it go. I can imagine many possible scenarios.

Hopefully the next owner can deal with it. Would somebody buy this Strat and help the poor bastard find some sort of closure. Amazing.

I also thought of this heartwarming quote from The Man Book
by Otto DeFay:

"Show me a beautiful woman with a boyfriend, and I'll show you a guy who's already tired of f#*@%ng her."

Now, isn't that special.

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