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Strats With Issues #1 - '72 With Bill Lawrence Blades

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Obviously a '72 from the bullet truss rod, skunk stripe, 3-bolt and fat headstock. Must be Olympic white because at this age, oly gets pretty damn creamy for sure. Judging from the butt, somebody used a dog chain for a strap. Yeah, she's a '72 with issues. A 37 year old with some rear end finish damage isn't uncommon, but still I'm thinkin' dog chain. My '72 Tele is pretty banged up, but not at the bottom strap button area. Gotta be a dog chain. Definitely dog chain. Must I go Rain Man here?!

Seller is eBay Store Musicians-BEST-Friend - A clever name with an equally clever 97.8% rating. Not necessarily an evil & nefarious rating, but perhaps NOT our "best friend" either.

Mr. Best-Friend refers to it as "a workhorse guitar" that "plays like a dream". Both friendly descriptions. He also goes on to indicate the following important item:

"The original pickups do come with this auction only one of the three work the other two will need to be rewound."

So, did the dog chew up two of those original pickups?

The seller is located in Palm Desert, CA. Isn't that where Michael Vick is incarcerated?

"Hey, while we're waiting for our golf tee time let's play 'fetch the Strat' with my pit bull!"

Why can't they teach pickup rewinding in the joint? There's a lot of call for this skill on the outside! Something to fall back on if you get sacked by a 350 lb. linebacker and PETA member.

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