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Laurie Morvan, Certified Blues Strat-o-Sister

I just ran across a great article about Laurie Morvan, and I'm thinkin', "oh yeah, she's one of my Strat-o-Sisters. But somehow, even though I knew about Laurie, I'd neglected to blog her and add her to our directory. Sorry Laurie!!!

Thanks to the recent piece at Recordnet.com, I'm correcting this oversight at this moment.

Laurie has a very cool personal story, and the article also emphasizes the growing guitar gal phenonmenon we've been tracking for a couple years here at Stratoblogster. So be sure to visit the above link and read it!

Here's one of my favorite quotes:

"...After graduating - and earning her airplane pilot's license - she plugged in, working to earn enough money for a Gibson Les Paul.

Then "I tried the Stratocaster," Morvan said. " 'Oh, my god,' I said. 'This is it.' I've been a Strat girl ever since..."

A "Strat Girl" indeed-- and a Strat girl all the way, cuz I don't see her playing anything else!

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