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GW Blips, More Soap Opera Than Guitar News??

Y'know, a coupla months ago I was excited about the news feed Blips thing at Guitar World. And I'm sure I speak for other guitar bloggers as well.

Then it started getting pounded with American Idol crap, which thank God is finally over. Guitar oriented news?

Next, it's exciting to know about Chickenfoot, but I feel I'm all caught up on Chickenfoot-- kinda like Ralphie May is all caught up on Thanksgiving.

Ok, so maybe Gary Moore really has Ronnie Montrose's stolen Les Paul. But the story is so info-weak, and yet dozens of bloggers and feeds were re-hashing it like some FOX/CNN story.

But wait, now the Chickenfoot thing has sprouted into yet another Van Halen soap opera. Did Michael Anthony quit VH or didn't he? What's EVH think about Chickenfoot? Never heard 'em?... Yeah, whatever. Still, I think we all should blog about this incessantly! Better yet, let's just go to Rollingstone.com for our blog content and re-hash it over & over again so that we can get ranked at GW Blips.

At Stratoblogster, I pledge to print no Van Halen soap opera, Dancing With the Stars or the Obama family dog either. Also nothing from Rolling Stone, just another People Magazine for the Mike's Hard Lemonade- Calvin Klein crowd.

BBQ recipes are good though!

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