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Danny John Trio - Expressions of Post Modern Jazz

I'm pretty damn proud of myself to discover a fusion shredder not previously featured at Truth in Shredding blog. Mr. Monk generally stays ahead of me in the fresh talent dept., especially in the prog genres. How could this happen Laurie?

Anyway, enough gloating. Danny John is a native Aussy who came to America for an MI education, then headed back Down Under. I really dig the EVH modulation meets Vernon Reid at the Vital Information Cafe approach. I think Rich at The Guitar Channel would favor Danny John too! If you're reading & listening Rich, tell me where you've heard those hooks and that one chord-- y'know the chord I'm talking about.

Anyway the above tune is called "Three Days". A studio version is also available for your listening enjoyment at:


Check out all the tunes and more vids too.

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