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Who Really Reads Stratoblogster #5 - Bushman Elder

"Being an elder entitles me to the Kalahari's wi-fi service plan and just a lot more 'me time' in general. Exploring my true passion- Stratocaster Guitar Culture - online, has led me to the Stratoblogster Guitar Blog of which I am an avid follower!

I'm currently building my own Strat-type guitar from sticks, roots, and the bones & teeth of animals. Maybe someday it will be a Friday Strat at the great Stratoblogster. Right now my tribe is saving up for a Tube Screamer which we will track like a wildebeest at eBay when the time is right. I am very proud to be in charge of this endeavor.

Before, I preferred the Telecaster-- but after learning how tough they are on a man (more info.), I shifted my focus to the Stratocaster. And for that, my people and I can only thank Stratoblogster. I also thank him for showing me how to tune a guitar with my Sonicare toothbrush.

Maybe someday this wise blogger of guitars will visit the Bushman people, and we will have a great feast. Then I will use his bones to finish my pedalboard project. Being an elder is good!"

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