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Music Man 112 RD 50 Amp For Sale at Guitar Adoptions

Music Man 112 RD 50 Combo
I was just reading that killer Blues guitar player Chris Cain digs these amps. Guitar Adoptions is listing one at their main website-- just click on the "Pre-owned" menu link there.

This 50 watt 112 RD is from the 80's and is in very good shape. Dave at G.A. doesn't include any pre-owned inventory unless it's super clean. Although not original, this amp sports a Mesa Boogie Black Shadow speaker (an upgrade for sure!).

Music Man amps were manufactured from 1974 to 1984 when Leo Fender was running it, before Music Man joined the Ernie Ball family. www.musicmanamps.com is one resource although the site is currently still largely under construction. Just Google "Music Man Amps" for plenty of gear discussion group results, etc.

Guitar Adoptions mainly sells new hi-end gear. Be sure to check out their G&L, Flaxwood & Michael Tuttle inventory, as well as some great boutique acoustic and effects pedals lines.


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