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Jake Haldenwang, Young Guitar Wonder in Charlotte, NC

We welcome 13 year old Jake Haldenwang to Stratoblogster's Young Guitar Wonder Directory.
Here's the scoop directly from the Haldenwang organization:

"...He was the youth guitarist selected to represent the Charlotte NC area, at the 2009 International Blues Challenge in Memphis and he just recently played on stage with Buddy Guy at the Halton Arena in Charlotte NC about a month ago. He started playing at age 11 and was playing live at age 12 and is now 13 yrs old...."

How's that for an accelerated learning curve!

Jake as the feel and the moves. We see more kids influenced by SRV than anyone, and if I had to pick the "Golden Child" who was SRV the last lifetime, I still couldn't narrow it down below five kids out there. Jake's in my 5 though. He's also performing a lot; getting in tons of stage hours and looks to have a full Summer schedule. So Jake's only gonna continue to improve his groove!

In the above vid, watch as it progresses how he's constantly tweaking the knobs and gradually dialing in the tones. The right hand strumming up the neck and other body language is right in the Stevie Zone too. No doubt Jake has the DVD's. Still, beyond mere mimicry, Jake and a few other youngsters are really tapping into the Blues through the essence of SRV, which only continues to expand. It's a real phenomena folks! Jake also cites Johnny Winter, Rory Gallagher, Derek Trucks & Joe Bonamassa as influences-- a very nutrient rich listening diet!

(Be sure to check out the "Little Wing" clip)

Young Guitar Wonders

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