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Guitar Pickup Marketing, Hand-Winding-- Yeah Cool! But...?

The above image is a computer embroidered pattern. Nowadays people have sewing machines in their homes capable of embroidering a jpg image onto a shirt.

So why aren't the two big "D" pickup companies tooling up with computerized "scatterwound" pickup winding machines? If they were, they'd certainly be telling us about it in their ad copy. Meanwhile, hand wind guru outfits like Fralin, Lollar and a few others, not to mention the gear-head discussion community, talk about the mojo of irregular winding "scatterwinding" a la the Leo Fender modus operandi, and how the automated machine winding process can't duplicate scatterwinding, blah, blah, blah...

Don't get me wrong, some of these famous hand-winders have earned their rep by making great pickups, and we all appreciate individually handcrafted products. I also understand the induction "coupling" factor behind scatterwinding and how this winding method can result in a superior guitar pickup.

I just don't understand why DiMarzio & Duncan can't determine the best scatterwound patterns, and design software driven automated-scatterwound winding machines. Far more intricate things are being done today with ordinary applications by ordinary people-- like embroidery. Don't even try to tell me it's cost prohibitive!

Maybe the big D's are just Dumb & Dumber...

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