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Fender Deco-Tone & Tweed Blues Jr. Junior Limited Amps

eBay rare guitar amplifier auction
Samsonite Jr.?

The same seller is listing both of these limited run Blues Junior configurations. I think the tweed unit was a Guitar Center custom run. According to a bit of web research the Deco-Tone (bottom pic), only 165 of these were made. Both have reverb. Either amp paired with Caitlinbread's Semaphore tremolo unit would create a classy little swamp romp combo for guitar or harp!

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Seller: witty37 (feedback score - 443)

Feedback: 100 % Positive
Member: since Jan-30-03 in United States

End time: May-22-09 14:57:12 PDT (3 days 3 hours) BOTH LISTINGS
Shipping: US $50.00
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Ships to: Worldwide
Item location: Asheville, NC, United States

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