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Dave Hunter Clears Up Surf Guitar Myths

King of Surf Dick DaleThis isn't the first totally Fender oriented article I've found at the Gibson Lifestyle blog. Let's just roll with it!

Renown guitar writer Dave Hunter, posted a very good one about Surf guitar well worth checking out. Discover interesting details about Dick Dale's gear and more.

I guess I knew Dick Dale is a lefty, but never realized he also plays his lefty Strat strung upside down like Albert King. Thus the tighter bottom end, since the low strings are over the part of the bridge pickup closest to the bridge.

Yeah, we were beatin' this one to death a couple weeks ago with the Hendrix Voodoo Strat stuff, but here's another example!

Check out reverse Strat loaded "Gypsy Pickguards" at Metal Shop Music.

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