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Brad Paisley's Cliffs of Rock City... Why Not?!

Any guitarist who titles an instrumental tune "Cliffs of..." is being cocky. I'm diggin' Paisley's Cliffs of Rock City and glad I ran into it. As you can imagine the Youtube comment threads for this one contain an expected Eric Johnson vs Brad Paisley sh@* fest.

I love the fusion of country flavors with progressive guitar. It's nothing new. If you like this sort of thing, be sure to check out players i.e. Steve Morse, Michael Lee Firkins, Andy Timmons, Johnny Hiland & David Grissom. The late great Danny Gatton was a master of blending country into hi-octane progressive genres. And yes, Eric Johnson is a great Country picker.

So Kudos to Brad Paisley for rockin' that Tele into the FAT Zone!!!

Cliffs of Rock City is featured the Paisley release, "PLAY, The Guitar Album".

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