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Tony Martin, Strat-o-Brother from France or Saturn?

Just like Coneheads named Beldar come from France, so do Gypsy lookin' cats who play their righty Strats lefty and sound like Hendrix & SRV. Makes sense to me. If he says he's from France, who am I to argue?

I avoid posers and wannabes like the plague, so just know this Tony Martin from France actually is a badass. I discovered him while perusing various versions of SRV's Texas Flood at Youtube where Martin's could be the best TF cover I've heard. After checking all his Myspace tunes, I think the guy actually has more of a Jimi vibe overall. BTW, his TF vid is also posted at myspace. If you dig Philipe Sayce, then you'll probably get into Tony Martin.

Visit www.myspace.com/tonymartin6strings and check out all the tunes & video. Then enjoy mass quantities of beer, potato chips & fiberglass insulation.

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