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Tony Martin, Strat-o-Brother from France or Saturn?

Just like Coneheads named Beldar come from France, so do Gypsy lookin' cats who play their righty Strats lefty and sound like Hendrix & SRV. Makes sense to me. If he says he's from France, who am I to argue?

I avoid posers and wannabes like the plague, so just know this Tony Martin from France actually is a badass. I discovered him while perusing various versions of SRV's Texas Flood at Youtube where Martin's could be the best TF cover I've heard. After checking all his Myspace tunes, I think the guy actually has more of a Jimi vibe overall. BTW, his TF vid is also posted at myspace. If you dig Philipe Sayce, then you'll probably get into Tony Martin.

Visit and check out all the tunes & video. Then enjoy mass quantities of beer, potato chips & fiberglass insulation.

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