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A Strat for Friday #121 - Bobby D's UGLY Key West Wonder Strat

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Jalapeno Poppers

This week's feature is provided by our Key West correspondent Bobby D., who calls it his Ugly Strat. Bobby loves it though, and here's the scoop in his own words:

"Ah, the ugly strat.

built on aug 1969, the week of woodstock!

i discovered her in a miami pawnshop many years ago. in the 80s, she had been "hotrodded" with a floyd rose, gotoh tuners, and some upgraded electronics.

over the years, i have done some mods myself, including a set of Dimarzio HS-3, HS-2, and Virtual Vintage Solo Pro pickups. there is a "pull" switch on the bottom tone knob to allow "telecaster" style switching (front and back pickup together, or all THREE)

i let my daughter color it with sharpies, but that has worn off after months of sweaty gigs.

neck has BIG ASS frets, probably dunlop 6100's.

floyd rose is one of the early ones from the mid 80s. Andy Papacio from Floyd Rose told me the tremelo is worth more than I paid for the guitar :-)

the neck on this guitar is pretty thick and round. it has a great feel, after years of play wear. it reminds me very much of my tyler guitars that had the '59 neck profile.

i have owned over a dozen vintage strats, and this is the best sounding and best playing one i have ever had, other than my '58 strat that i traded to buddy guy in the 90s....

bobby d"

Bobby is an active musician and "stunt" gear demo videographer. Discover him at the following links:



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