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Scorch Riddlin's $20,000,000.00 eBay Guitar Pick Listing

Here's one for GL at Guitarz!

This pick is currently listed on eBay at $20,000,000.00. Yeah, that's "million" alright.

It's a publicity gimmick to promote the movie "The Gods of Rock", but it's a real eBay listing by seller: MINTSTRUMENTS.

The seller is also listing an EVH Frankenstein & an Ernie Ball Steve Morse model at $60K each. Both guitars used in the movie, and the Morse guitar includes movie graphics. Must be a helluva flick! At least somebody seems to thing so. Scorch Riddlin...

Is this supposed to be serious? Don't freakin' ask me, Chief!!!

Oh yeah, the listing also includes the following line:

"Insured shipping will be $12.95 via Canada or US Post. Pickup is available upon request."

Ever wonder if you may have lost your mind?

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