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Remember Guitar Player Mag's Sound Sheets?

Too blurry to read, but you're looking at GP's very first Sound Sheet from the October 1984 issue. The tune is "The Attitude Song" from Steve Vai's debut solo album "Flexible" (how poetic!). Click image for more info. at Vai's site.

For you youngsters out there, a "Sound Sheet" was a thin floppy vinyl record stamped onto a little square sheet included inside issues of Guitar Player back in the 80's. The sheet was attached to the staples inside the magazine, and removed by tearing along a perforated line at the inside edge.

Monthly sheets usually introduced us to debut recordings by new artists, plus they also represent what might very well be the first actual gear demo audio samples.

The discontinuation of Sound Sheets occurred sometime during the rapid transition from vinyl records to CD's.

I still have most of them in a folder I kept just for them on my vinyl record shelves-- now archived somewhere within the bowels of the Stratoblogster compound (only Mrs. Stratoblogster knows where).

Anyone who can correctly name the month and year of GP's final Sound Sheet will be entered into a drawing for a Shetland pony.

Special kudos to Pribek who recently featured a Bill Connors tune, mentioning that it was on a Sound Sheet.

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