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KGC Brass Trem Blocks Upgrade Strat Tone & Sustain

Guitar parts- machined brass tremelo tremolo block.

KGH Brass Trem Block
Killer Guitar Components (KGC) machines a high quality brass trem block for Fender & Floyd Rose units. We're starting to find out that machined brass is the ideal material for trem blocks. Yes, brass sucks for nuts and saddles, but not for blocks.

I recently spoke to the guys at KGC about brass issues and also about the other aftermarket trem blocks made of steel and titanium. These guys have done their homework because they explained about resonance, harmonics, spectrometer readings and how hi-grade machined brass sonically tests superior to other materials.

The geeks out there are starting to confirm this, as I ran into some chatter at the Caparison Forum raving up brass trem blocks too. Anyone familiar with Caparison guitars knows those folks are serious about tone & detail.

KGC's brass trem blocks also have the shallower string recessing, similar to the '57 style recessing that Eric Johnson had Fender bring back for the blocks used in the EJ Strats. Now all an EJ Strat needs is some KGC brass!

MIM & MIJ Strat owners will especially benefit since those stock blocks are cast pot metal. A $70 machined brass trem fat block from KGC makes a huge difference for non-USA Strats! Click Here for a demo video.

Killer Guitar Components
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