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Ibanez Andy Timmons AT300 Guitar at eBay

Rare AT300
Ibanez AT-300 Andy Timmons
 Note: Expired listing. Below for info only.

The AT300's are a discontinued model. They originally sold new for about $1500 street. This used one is currently sitting at eBay twiddling it's thumbs. Ibanez & Timmons are bringing the AT100 this year which will sell for about $2300. The AT100's look more like a Strat as they sport a white pickguard, offer a burst finish & use standard dot inlays. All AT series models (past & present) feature DiMarzio Cruisers at neck & center, a DiMarzio Special AT HB at bridge and Wilkinson bridge. The AT300's had a mahogany body making for an interesting hybrid considering the double coils, 25.5 scale & Stratty dimensions.

The necks have a very curved radius, so although Andy Timmons can shred, he's into more traditional dimensions, Bluesier phrasing & a very fat sound.

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