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Guitarist Scott Henderson Interview Video Gets Into It!

Image: Big Dog Sportswear

Rich at The Guitar Channel posted Justin Sandercoe's very fresh, recent interview clips with Scott Henderson.

If you do nothing else today, PLEASE click the TGC link and watch the three Youtube clips; each between 8-10 minutes long. Scott sets the priorities straight on learning and teaching guitar, so whether you're giving or receiving guitar instruction, this interview is for YOU, which pretty much covers all of us!

Scott is very chill, so don't worry. I'm the only one being so intense here.

Some of you may even experience significant relief from this interview as Scott touches on issues about the learning process that are bound to validate your fundamental purpose and approach to playing. Clip #3 really tells it like it is, but ya gotta watch 'em all to get the proper background and set-up. Most conventional instruction approaches don't do us any favors, and you were probably doing some things right before you started working with a program or taking lessons and were stopped from doing those things.

And as usual, Scott is wearing a Big Dogs t-shirt-- and also as usual, isn't asked why he ALWAYS wears Big Dog Sportswear. Serious Scott Henderson fans will know what I'm talking about. I even asked about the Big Dogs thing at the Official Scott Henderson Discussion Forum one time, but got there right after Scott announced he wasn't answering questions anymore after some idiot asked him a really stupid question there.

But I'm sure he would have liked mine. Maybe somebody who knows Scott's Big Dogs connection will comment. If Scott reads this blog himself, that's probably not good.

Either way, Henderson is definitely one of the BIG DOGS of guitar playing and teaching!

Watch the interview!!!

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