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Gearmanndude's Dallas Guitar Show Vids

Well, he's certainly no Ken Burns at documentary filming, and he's no JFK either but he's better than Zapruder at getting off the grassy knolls and into last weekend's Dallas Guitar Show!

Although not the highest quality video, you really get a taste of what the Dallas show offers in terms of vintage gear and a huge volume of used pedals and accessories-- AND FASHION STATEMENTS. We don't see any guns though, and in Texas, Guitar-Gun shows aren't unusual. In true artistic indie film style, the Gearmann even shares a very personal moment on camera, on which I will not elaborate. You'll just have to sit thru 'em yourself.

We just never see his face and are not positive if he was the only shooter in Dallas last weekend. We do recognize the tenaciousness from the father of the mysterious Luther pedal.

Video #1 - Introduction - Guitar shows are about HAWAIIAN SHIRTS!
Video #2 - Walk around with Gearmanndude Part 1
Video #3 - Walk around with Gearmanndude Part 2

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