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EVH Shoe Wars & Rumors of EVH Shoe Wars

Official EVH

"Banned Van's Halen"

"Non-Van Halen"

The top photo is official promo for Ed's new shoes. They're Converse Chuck Taylor's with the trademark EVH stripes thing. Hi-tops are $59, and low-tops are $54. You can buy them at Ed's official online store:


he middle photo is a Google Images thumbnail linking to a removed page at www.deviantart.com originally titled "EVH Custom Shoes". Made me wonder why Ed didn't go with Vans instead of the Chucks. Seems like Vans are more his style. Plus it would be a fun promotion wordplay because of "Vans" and the "Van" in Van Halen. They coulda done a lot with that, not to mention how easily Ed could change his shoes if he'd gone with the loafer style.

The bottom photo belongs to www.axeplorer.net who is currently selling "Non-Van Halen Shoes" that he's making out of Chucks, using alternative stripes instead of official trademarked EVH stripes. Now get this-- Axeplorer's Non-VH's shoes sell for $90 a pair, or the unbelievable deal of $175 for TWO pairs!

Then I fell into a deep sleep and I dreamed strange dreams about EVH shoes. I dreamed that the official EVH shoes were everywhere. Yes, even at McDonalds & Starbucks. However, the shoes were only on display and nobody could really buy them. Plus they were only made in one size-- Ed's size. And that size wasn't indicated, plus they didn't seem to fit anyone. Then I saw a video with Ed talking about the shoes saying, "...If I ever need a new pair, no matter where I'm at, I'll always be able to get a pair no matter what -- and they'll be the same. Just for me..." He also went on to say, "... I've messed up plenty of shoes in the last 30 plus years, but Converse gets it!..." Suddenly, I was at Summer NAMM '09 and both the Music Man & Peavey booths were only displaying shoes... Axeplorer Non-Van Halen Shoes!!!

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