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Bonnie Raitt Strats-- Ahead of the Curve?

Here's a great '05 performance of "I Will Not be Broken" on the Letterman Show. The riffmeister behind her is George Marinelli.

Fender's Bonnie Raitt Artist Series Strats were produced from 1995 to 2000. They were available in a standard 3 color burst and a transparent blue burst which was called "Desert Sunset". Other features included rosewood board (9.5" radius soft C), MOT pickguard, Duncan Texas Hot Strat Antiquity pickups and fat 70's style headstock.

The Bonnie Raitt Strat was Fender's first official Artist model for a female guitarist, although the Mary Kaye Strat was arguably & maybe technically the first-- that's another story. As production models go, the BR Strat was the only Fender guitar represented by a female artist, and remains as such. Currently there are no female Artist Series production guitars.

I've seen Bonnie pictured with the blue burst a bit, but her old standard worn Strat in the above video is what we see her with most. Funny that guitar was not replicated as a Relic model like more recent artist models & Custom Shop offerings.

It's interesting that the era of the Bonnie Raitt Strat only just precedes the Relic guitar era and also a boom of female Blues & Rock guitar soloists. We'll probably never see a Bonnie Raitt replicated Relic Strat or know how it would have done in the marketplace. But the genuine article has been out there all along.

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