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A Strat for Friday #118 - Fender '57 RI Seafoam (MIJ '95)

Note: 3/29 - Sold for UNDER $700!!! oh well. See CURRENT listing links below.

I know, I know we're dialin' the bling knob way back here, but I've been watchin' this one all week long and it's got a cool vibe. First of all, we're keepin' it real with no artificial ingredients. A Nashville native that's been played nearly every day over the last decade, this sweetheart has true wear & tear right down to her belly button window... see it? Looks like Jeff Beck's been there with a spark plug gapper.

Some kind of mojo goin' on here-- or maybe it's just the futon mattress bedsheet photo spread. I also just noticed my Dunlop Tortex .88 picks are the same color. I need to snap out of it here!

Currently a No Reserve eBay listing, so far it looks like a steal deal, especially considering what we pay for wear like this from the Custom Shop Relic wrecking crew (are they union?*).

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