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RedPlate Amps, The Size of the Fight in the Dog.

Remember that old saying, "It ain't the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog." ?

Above we have Jacob Petersen, our newest Strat-o-Brother addition, who only 10 years in the USA-- originally from Denmark, is establishing himself very well as a straight ahead Bluesman, having toured and recorded 5 years with Curtis Salgado. In these two videos Jacob gives us an ivy league tone lesson on a 40W RedPlate TweedyVerb, with the master volume NEVER BEYOND "ONE"!

For starters, he's in his apartment and can't turn it up any louder there, but in another sense the tones are just unreal and speak in high volume for both the player and the gear!

Another interesting aspect here is that Jacob's Strats are equipped with Curtis Novak pickups, and Novak is of the old school "scatterwound" and UNDER wound philosophy. Under wound pickups apparently have wider tonal definition, and scatterwinding describes a method of hand winding pickups in random patterns that can't be done with automatic winding machines.

5/24 Ed note: Jacob recently switched to Fred Stuart pickups. Click Here for a new demo vid along with details and links to Stuart.

This is a complicated post for me as I'm simultaneously trying to promote Jacob Peterson, RedPlate Amps & Curtis Novak Pickups. But it just doesn't make sense splitting this into 3 separate posts though, since Petersen pulls all the elements together so well in his RedPlate demo vids.
Our underdog theme also works for everyone here.

So please watch and listen carefully to both vids above. The clean notes are nice and round, the overdrive notes in top vid from 4:35 just sing, and in the bottom video the double stops from 6:28 to 6:35 are all growl and NO mud. But watch all the vids from start to finish please!

RedPlate Amps are very popular right now on the Blues circuit; used by Ronnie Baker Brooks, Tommy Castro, Elvin Bishop, Smokin' Joe Kubek-- to name a few and some harp players too. They are priced at the low end of the boutique scale and easily recognized by their bright red tolex exterior.

This week I saw a Dumble combo eBay listing with a $25K reserve. If the Boutique Mystique Blues has you down & out, check out RedPlate for tons of audio & video demo clips and pricing that may be affordable for you. But the tone alone is top dollar!

Check out all the links in this post and discover plenty of good info. like I did!

Jacob Petersen live stage clips here:

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