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Obbligato Turnstyle Analog Guitar Modeling System

If an "analog guitar modeling system" sounds oxymoronic to you, welcome to the club!

Austin, Texas based Obbligato, Inc. has a few wild products up their sleeves, and the Turnstyle 100% Analog Guitar Modeling System for Strats is just one.

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Basically, the whole system lives within a loaded direct replacement Strat pickguard with only the addition of a small rotary knob on the outside. And on the inside, everything runs WITHOUT the need of a battery! Plus, you have a choice of pickups. How clean is that?!!

They also make carbon guitar picks which most closely approximate true tortise shell and never wear out. Yeah, but you'll still lose them...

I'm figuring this is probably good stuff simply because these folks are in Austin; the US city with the most guitar players and gear geeks per capita.

Thanks to Pribeck for the tip!

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