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MORE & MORE Dunlop Crybaby Pedals

EVH Wah price
Some of Dunlop's more recent additions to the Crybaby Wah-o-sphere include the EVH, the CAE (Custom Audio Electronics - Bob Bradshaw design) and the Buddy Guy- complete with polka dots.

These join the Classic, Standard, 535Q, Hendrix, Zakk Wylde, Dimebag, Slash, Kerry King and a few other Crybaby variations.

There must be a group of esoteric wah pedal connoissieurs out there who have every single model and can hardly wait for the next one to debut. Maybe some even keep all their Crybaby's in one BIG pedal board, and stay up late into the night testing, comparing and documenting the differences. A kayak sized pedalboard that clamps to the roof rack for easy transport to Wah Wah Fellowship meetings, competition rallies, seminars, workshops and symposiums across the land.

I just know they're out there. Nobody tells ya this is so, better than Dunlop.

This also inspires me to think about new models I'd promote if I worked for the Jim Dunlop team. Here are some examples:

Swiss Army Crybaby - Actually not a bad idea, the housing would accomodate one of those handy little all-in-one emergency guitar tech tools. The tool would snap into or onto the side somehow. Pretty nifty.

Crybaby LW Bubbles - Why stop at models named after guitarists. The Lawrence Welk model would pump out streams of bubbles when rocked. Lawrence may no longer be hip, but bubbles are universal, timeless, and everybody loves 'em! So let's bring bubbles back and put some attention on where they're coming from. Soon everyone will want a "Bubbler pedal", whether they play guitar or not! Also bear in mind that Welk's horn players were fond of muting-- a practice which inspired the invention of the wah pedal- so props are due. Wunnerful idea for young and old alike!

Crybaby YOKO - This pedal is full of surprises! A special internal relay randomly reverses this model's input/output-- adding unexpected spontaneous, dissonant, shrieking fun to every gig. Pedal includes special bag in which pedal can remain while in use.

Crybaby AS - "Adam Sandler". There just oughta be a Sandler model for general purposes. It would be a very rugged & durable pedal, with big rivets and such. Tempered.

Crybaby JB - "Jack Black"-- Same as above.

Crybaby NUGE - Yes, it's also a firearm.

Crybaby AT Wisp - Similar to the LW Bubbles, this "Aroma Therapy" model would incorporate Glade's Wisp dispensing unit, allowing the pedal to produce instant fragrance enhancement from the entire Glade line, with the addition of Honey BBQ Ranch, Cookies n Cream and Espresso scents. Aroma Therapy is very popular, and where better than at your gig?! Show 'em your tone don't stink!

Crybaby MJ - And of course, why not a pedal for the King of Pop himself. Ya know, Michael is making a big comeback this very moment, so no better time than the present to introduce this model! With that said, I've put so much time and so many design revisions into this model, i.e. dynamic sweep ranges, housing contours, color scheme, etc., that at some stages it almost ceases to be a wah pedal. But I still have high hopes this pedal at some point will evolve & solidify into a unit that I and all users of all ages, the world over, can love, cuddle & stay happy with in a happy place.

Crybaby JD - "Johnny Depp". A backup contingency model in case the MJ never gets out of R&D.

I have other models in the pipeline still being tested. If anyone at Dunlop reads this, just remember that you saw it here first!


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