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Fender Eric Johnson RW Sunburst Finish? No, But...

EJ Strat color options

Anyone recently acquiring a new EJ Rosewood Strat yet disappointed that Fender doesn't currently offer a burst option with the RW can obtain factory EJ burst bodies (above) from The STRATosphere
 Then your Sunburst EJ RW will have people scratching their heads. EJ White Blonde Nitro bodies are also currently available-- also not an RW model color option.

The STRATosphere has over 400 (mostly Fender) bodies in stock; available in finished or unfinished, with & without guts. They're an authorized Fender parts outlet with tons of other hdwr & components in stock. A great project resource for pimpin' your Fender and still keepin' it all Fender.

EJ Strat Specs & Pricing - New & old pricing, differences between RW & MAPLE neck models including COLOR OPTIONS.

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