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Erja Lyytinen - Strat-o-Sister from Finland

Helsinki hath no fury like this woman with a Strat!!

Ya gotta watch out for Strat playin' gals with the Blues who play slide and dress like Pebbles Flintstone! They are a breed apart!

Meet Erja Lyytinen, playin' an instrumental called "Skinny Girl". Erja is also a killer singer, so check out her other stuff at youtube
as well as the links below. I've blogged before about how guitar crazy they are in Finland. It's just ridiculous there! So finding a Strat-o-Sister from Finland is waaay overdue.

Besides her Strat, Erja is also big on G&L guitars. She has a Bluesboy Semi-hollow and a sparkley blue ASAT, configured like a Comanche; with three Z-coil pickups; something I'd never seen before.


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