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Eric Johnson Maple Fretboard Strat Price Increase!

Fender raises prices on Eric johnson stratocaster maple non-rosewood rw strat.
Eric Johnson Strat Burst
Fender's Eric Johnson '09 maple fretboard Stratocasters recently went up in price over 30%!

If you want a maple fretboard EJ Strat at the pre-2009 cost, you need to act FAST!!! At this moment SOME eBay sellers still have pre-2009 models listed in the under $2K range.

CLICK HERE for CURRENT EJ Strat eBay listings !

The original maple neck EJ Strats which used to sell for $1700, are now going for $2300+ at the megastores. (msrp- $2930)

In January '09, Fender introduced the Eric Johnson RW (Rosewood) model at an msrp of $3140 which sells for about $2500. The bound rosewood fretboard and a 3 ply pickguard are the ONLY differences between the RW and maple fretboard models, with exception of color options-- and currently, the RW is NOT available in a burst option.

Yes, there was chatter of new pickups, but informed sources indicate that the RW was ultimately configured with the same pickups as the maple.

A Fender dealer let us know the factory just raised everything 18%. However, the Eric Johnson's maple fretboards are up over 30%, making the EJ models the highest priced USA production Strats.

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