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Yamaha T100C Soldano Combo for Auction

Used Soldano Guitar Amps
Here's a current eBay estate auction item to check out. These US built by Mike Soldano Yamaha T100's are a little gem ya don't run into every day. The 100 w combo with SEVEN 12Ax7 preamp tubes & FOUR 6L6's was built for a short time in the 80's to compete with Mesa MKIV's prior to Soldano starting his own company.

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Seller: 100% rated & currently lists other hi-end guitar gear.
End time: Feb-11-09 16:56:34 PST (1 day 2 hours- sorry short notice)
(2/12 - Sold for $396-- somebody scored big time!!!)
US $75.00
UPS Ground
Service to United States
(more services)
Ships to: United States (only)
Item location: Estate Sales / San Diego, United States
Sorry for the short notice on this one.

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