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Texas Mesquite Strat Build - Progress Report

Frank, our bud down in Texas just sent an update on his mesquite Strat project, which we hope to feature as a Friday Strat early next month. Nice top bout contour too!

Here are some recent progress snippets from Frank:

Feb 17:
"...We have been experiencing rain and drizzle over the past two days so I decided to resume spraying on wednesday. I'd rather be patient than use retarder in the vinyl barrier coat and increase the chance of dust getting into the finish. Attached is a picture of the body with two wash coats and grain filler.

The body had been scuff sanded and wiped with wet cloth to allow the grain to show through for the picture. It would have otherwise looked dull. At least this gives you the idea of its final color which is all natural.

It will take me three more warm and dry days to get the 8 coats of nitrocellulose lacquer on the body. Then I'll wait one week to apply a flash coat if needed followed by the buffing stage..."

Feb 19:
"...The pictures (ABOVE) were taken after the remaining vinyl sealer coats were applied. Today, I'll start putting on the lacquer clear coats..."

So stay tuned folks! And just click the "mesquite strat" tag below for all posts in this series.

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