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Ry Cooder - Daphne Blue With a P-90 Too!

ed note: Looks like the video is gone :-(
But Marc has a gear page for Ry: http://rycooder.nl/pages/ry_cooder_Instruments_gear_amps_effects.htm and apparently Ry goes into great detail on his Strats in this DVD: http://www.headstockmedia.com/thedvd.html
(thanks Mark tubenexus.com !!!)

I just found something I've been searching for in this Ry Cooder clip from waaaay back in the early 70's. Kinda blurry, but if you look close you can see Ry has a P-90 in the bridge position of that Strat. That's Russ Titelman on bass & Jim Keltner on drums. Click Here for more clips from that gig. Ry doesn't seem to have his own web site- imagine that- but the top link takes you to a great myspace tribute page with jaw dropping opening music.

Ever since reading Evan Skopp's P-90 Primer in the Feb '09 PG, I've been wonderin' why we never see P-90's at the bridge position in Strats. I been lookin' around too! Skopp concluded his article with:

"...So, whaddayathink? Are P-90s right for you? Well, if you like a big, fat, punchy tone with lots of single coil “cut,” and boosted mids, then you might be ready to take the P-90 plunge."

Seems every Strat player yearns for "big, fat, punchy tone with lots of single coil 'cut', and boosted mids", ... P-90's are getting more & more popular, and may start showing up in Strats too.

If anyone's ever put a P-90 in their Strat bridge, feel free to give us your 2 cents via the comment link below!

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