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Random Youtube Guitar Smasher

(Any caption ideas for this one?)

"An inside look at the upcoming PCP Relic Series Custom Shop..."

"I remember my first beer..."

"It's only a Squier..."

"At first, I only intended to remove the string trees..."

"It's ok, my church group is selling Krispy Kreme's to buy me a new one..."

"My Epiphone was much easier to smash than this one..."

"Another item to scratch off my bucket list..."

"I'll be replacing it with a Swiffer..."

"Oops! Little too much Finger Ease..."

"I thought it was supposed to stay in tune?!?!?!?!"

"Mandatory workplace break at the local meth lab..."

"I wanted the 24 ounce Mountain Dew!!!"

"Let's try out the new wood stove!"

"Christian Bale Artist Series Signature Model"

"Gimme a break, Gimme a break, Break me off a piece of that Kit Katocaster !"

"Warranty claim #136..."

"Help! The spiders are all over me!!!"

"RBS (Ritchie Blackmore Syndrome) is treatable. Ask your doctor if the deep purple pill is right for you-- Blackmoresexhydroxenol."

"Never mix tequila with...uhh, acetone & Nut Sauce."

"Oh, Ricky's ok. It's just his blood sugar."

"My interpretation of performance art."

"I love big frets and I cannot lie!"

"Celebrating the Economic Stimulus..."

"I would never strike my wife!"

"Next time, wipe off the friggin' strings when you're done playing my guitar!!!"

"I'd like to dedicate this next tune to Joe Pesci!"

"I still have to adjust the relief. You can pick it up on Tuesday, ok."

"Pilot clip from 'American Guitar Chopper', coming soon to Discovery Channel"

"You hang up the new OSHA poster! I did it the last goddam time!"

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