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More Youtube Channel Finds for Guitar Geeks

First off, here's previously inducted Strat-o-Brother-- Austin's Phil Brown talkin' music and promoting The Jimi Project , an album of Hendrix covers which Brown turns into more of his own thing. Get a better taste at:


Next, ZODIAKFV is a youtube channel with over 800 heavy metal uploads of legendary bands from the 70's to current. The archive includes live performance, music vids and audio tracks.

Termite58 features over 400 uploads which best reflect an ideal 70's free form FM- AOR format. This guy must've been in radio. Each vid begins with a picture of his wall shelves. Most of this archive is out of print stuff that's uploaded from vinyl with all the cracks & pops, but you older cats are gonna wake up plenty of lost brain cells at this channel. The list here goes on and on and on, but includes Atomic Rooster, Roy Harper, Bloodrock, Frijid Pink, Manfred Mann, Trapeze, Moby Grape, Brian Auger, Budgie, etc., etc., etc...

LivingLegendsMusic has extensive RECENT interviews with Rock music greats, including Joe Satriani, Leslie West, Ian Anderson, Edgar Winter, Yngwie Malmsteen and many more.

H3rman123 The Electric Church Music channel has some of most esoteric Hendrix stuff you're gonna find anywhere-- including interviews, jams with the darndest folks, tons of live performance stuff and even some jam tracks with the solo guitar tracks missing so that you & your axe can wank off over the original Hendrix arrangements. The panning solo bleedthroughs will sneak though just to remind you that you aren't Jimi.

Dozens more great channels are on the YT, and all are subject to the grim WMG reaper, so it's wise to procure some RAM and a downloader for yourself. Here today & gone tomorrow folks.

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