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Fluxtone Speakers Article in February PG

Out of boredom, I finally decided to read the Fluxtone article in my Feb. '09 Premier Guitar. Yeah, just some dull piece about speakers to kill time with.

Boy, was I in for a surprise! This guy, Steve Carey (pictured) knows his electro-magnetic phenomena, and has recovered some old, almost forgotten technology which is stirring things up for the guitar tone chasers & amp builders of the world.

CLICK HERE to read the article. If PG was only a quarterly mag, and I was paying full news stand-- AND this was the only article in the current issue, it would still be more than worth it!


Then visit www.fluxtonespeakers.com and look around-- especially the video link.

2011 ed note: Eminence FDM Flux Density Modulation speakers are a much more affordable alternative. CLICK HERE for details about FDM's!

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