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BBE Two Timer, Dual Mode Analog Delay

Analog delays are hot lately! Vox just released their Joe Satriani Time Machine- also a dual mode delay, and the classic MXR Carbon Copy (single mode only) is as popular as ever. However, the biggest bang for your delay buck has got to be the TWO TIMER- a true bypass dual delay pedal- from the folks at BBE.

I see these currently selling at about the same cost as the MXR, which goes for about $149. The new Satch pedals go for around $200 and do have more control than the BBE. Also, I'm not sayin' the Two Timer is two MXR CC's for the price of one, since they spec differently, but the BBE is a value worth checking into.

Decent BBE demo vids are sparse at the moment. I did discover killer harp player Jason Ricci talkin' about the Two Timer; saying it has a warmth similar to tape units.

But best of all has to be that kookie retro graphic "two for the price of one" metaphor! Would ya just check out my man with them sportin' gals! "...That suit is you!! You'll get deLAY tonight for sure!"

(...Tell us how you do!)

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