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A Strat for Friday #111 - Godin Passion RG-3 Series

It must be Friday cuz I've already heard 2 versions of "Shake Yo' Money Maker" on Dish's Lucille Blues channel-- before noon. Yeah, it's Friday alright!

Godin is getting into the boutique super-Strat arena with this chambered Spanish Cedar body, mahogany top guitar that is just packed with cool value added & innovative features. Warpdrive Music is currently listing this RG-3 at their eBay Store. CLICK HERE for lots of photos, specs & details on the guitar.

In addition to it's special resonance tuned chambers, the RG-3 has a special pickup system which is both passive and active-- and you can switch between those modes. The Godin link above has a couple must see demo vids. Godin is known for creating a lot of bang for your guitar buck, and this guitar, although not a budget model has a lot going on as you'll see in the specs and the first video at the Godin site. These guys are into details!

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