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Steampunk Strat Guitar - Next Step Forward From Relic?

(photo: Mark Dalzell)
Steampunk StratocasterOf course! Makes sense to me! Imagine 19th Century sci-fi Strats, like Jim West would play in the old Wild Wild West television series. Notice the red faucet pickup adjustment! Other features like a little TV screen and onboard phaser also make it sort of retro-Roddenberry. Oh I dunno, but if this sparks someone at Fender Custom Shop, the Relic era could very well do a Jules Verne number!

Just imagine back to a future NAMM where Christopher Lloyd in a lab coat is working the Custom Shop booth. Then how 'bout a James Watt line of steam powered modeling amps... Stop me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CLICK HERE for more photos of this steampunk axe by Mark Dalzell named "Organum Insolitus".

Dalzell's description:

Designed using elements of steampunk, Organum Insolitus incorporates clockwork gears, hand hammered brass, cloth wire and wood to show an alternate historical glimpse of a 19th century electric guitar. The guitar features a television with Fresnel lens magnifier, onboard phaser and amplifier. Rather than use multiple pickups, the one humbucker can be repositioned with the red faucet handle. The television, guitar, effects and amplifier can all be patched through to each other in any configuration using the patch bay on the front of the guitar. The pickup or television can also be output through a standard 1/4" cable to an external amplifier.

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