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Noah Wotherspoon - Strat-o-Brother & Pop Retro Impressionist

Thanks to the recent anonymous commentor who turned us on to Noah Wotherspoon!

Noah is one of those rare artists, like Beck, who just seems to have everything handy on their palette. Everything that slipped your mind.

The tunes assortment at his myspace (click image), take you on a journey into the nooks an crannies of 60's & 70's roots & psychedelia with nods back to Chicago & the Delta. Did I mention Wotherspoon is 26?

From his myspace Sounds Like: "a muddy hologram that you found in the back of a Chattanooga thrift store dream..."

You'll also wanna read the influences section for some chuckles.

But be sure to check out all the tunes as well as the live video clips at the Youtube channel of Westunder -- look there for "Noah+The Rescue Radio clips.


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