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New Fender Eric Johnson Rosewood Strat -Jan. '09 NAMM?

Update Feb. 09: Click here for all EJ Rosewood/Maple specs & pricing comparison data.

Eric Johnson is talking again about a new upgraded version of his Fender Signature Strat.

Today's article at quotes EJ:
(Jan 5, 2009)
"...What happened, I'm releasing a new Strat (Stratocaster guitar) for Fender, a new version of the one that came out a few years ago (in 2005) and so they hired me to play the NAMM show and I thought as long as I'm coming out to play at NAMM maybe we should play a few shows..."

I said he's talking "again" because in Nov. 2007 I blogged about Harmony Central's six part video documentary in which Johnson whipped out a bound rosewood fretboard prototype model which he said would be introduced at Winter 2008 NAMM (click above link ref. video part #5 "Electrics").

The new EJ rosewood model is also supposed to have a hotter bridge pickup.

Maybe they'll really show up this month in Anaheim.

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